Forest school

Forest school ethos is firmly embedded into life at pre-school and the next phase of our vision, the launch of the Remida Room and exhibition area, is planned for Saturday 27th April. The two rooms upstairs have been transformed into a resource centre that encourages children to become curious about and explore all the weird and wonderful stuff that makes up the hoard of natural, recyclable and reusable objects and materials on display. Some time ago, pre-school were successful in acquiring funding, via the local authority’s Quality First project, to research childrens creativity in a big way. Influenced by Reggio Emilia, an internationally renowned approach to early years education, we were able to buy in the services of a resident artist to work alongside the children and, over the last few months, Jane Thorniley-Walker, has been supporting all involved. The project would not be possible without all the stuff and thanks must go to all those who have been collecting on our behalf. I do not use the word stuff lightly…To children, it is highly prized treasure and to early years practitioners, it is a valuable commodity that we would otherwise have to pay for. An important message that pre-school wants to raise awareness of concerns conservation, in every sense of the word. Often, this age group of children are thought to be to young to learn about looking after the environment but our observations and listenings made us realise that they know, and understand, far more than adults give them credit for. As providers of quality early years education, this made us sit back and reflect .. hence the project.

The project still has some way to go so we need to constantly keep replenishing our stocks of stuff…any offers of bottle tops, corks, cotton reels, postage stamps, wool, fabric are just a few of the items we can use. In fact, we can use anything that provokes interest and curiosity. Pop in and see for yourself what we mean…collections of stuff and childrens work are always on display.

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